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It was a very ordinary moment, as far as driving with two young kids is concerned. My girls had, as usual, found something to argue about between themselves and I was mentally grasping for something to distract them with.

“Look, girls, horses!” I pointed to the horse trailer to the right of us with four, bright-eyed horses blinking back at us merrily. I rolled down the windows so the girls could whinny hello and in the mirror I could see their necks craning from their car seats to see. Smiles stretched across their faces as their soulful eyes met the soulful eyes of the horses.

The trailer slowed and the horses passed from view but my oldest kept smiling.

“HELLO!” she shouted to the driver and passenger of the truck as she waved her sweet 4-year-old hand like a flag whipping in a storm. They waved back with smiles and enthusiasm to match and in that moment I was touched by the sweet, tender exchange.

When was the last time I became swept up in the simple joy of the moment? When was the last time I dared to connect with a stranger, dared to share my spirit so fearlessly? In less than five seconds my four-year-old momentarily erased someone’s troubles; in one word she opened her heart and connected to theirs; in one wave she shared a thousand messages all of them centered in love.

Tears burned my eyes as I burned the image of the scene into my memory. Truly, this is what love is – bold openness, fearless authenticity, unrestrained connection.